We Feature Fresh Ground 100% Whole Wheat Flour!
We at Great Harvest believe in providing customers with awesome tasting products. Not only do our products taste better than the average baked goods, but also, our freshly milled whole grain wheat flour assures that we’re delivering nutritional value. Studies show that the fresher foods are (such as milled grains, and vegetables and fruits) the better they are nutritionally.

All of our products are made from scratch – no mixes or frozen dough. We mill our whole wheat flour fresh daily on stone or hammer mills. Whole wheat kernels are poured into one end of the mill and come out the other end as 100% whole wheat flour. There is absolutely no separation of flour components; nothing added or taken out - just pure fresh flour from the whole grain.

We’ve always known fresh ground flour tastes better. We’ve even done lots of blind taste tests just to prove what we’ve know intuitively all along! Now we know the fresh flour is better nutritionally as well. When a kernel of wheat is milled, all parts of the flour start to oxidize as they’re exposed to the air – the germ, which contains free fatty acids, is particularly vulnerable to this oxidation. Simply put, if milled whole wheat flour is not used fresh, it goes rancid. Using our flour within a day after its milled assures that the nutritive value of our products is the best it can be.

5 Simple Ingredients
Great Harvest’s whole wheat bread is made from the freshest ingredients. There is not a single ingredient that you cannot pronounce or proudly recognize as pure and simple. That’s rare. Grocery store brands need to maintain a long shelf life and contain some ingredients right out of a science fiction book.

Five pure and simple ingredients are the hallmark of our legendary whole grain breads:
  1. Fresh-ground whole-wheat flour
  2. Filtered water
  3. Fresh yeast
  4. A pinch of salt
  5. Something sweet (usually a local honey).
We believe bread is best when you keep it simple. It's even better when you use the highest quality ingredients you can find. You can taste it and your body benefits from it.

Just like fresh-ground coffee beans make a better cup of coffee, fresh-ground grains of wheat make a better tasting - and better for you - loaf of bread. 

As far as preservatives go, forget about it! Great Harvest breads have never been made with preservatives or artificial additives of any kind…and they never will. Thanks to our special scratch-made process, our breads still stay fresh for up to ten days (if you can keep your hands off it that long!)

So we invite you to come do what tastes good -- and have the added benefit of whole fresh food nutrition!

Ingredients Lists
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